Faculty of Arts


The Faculty of Arts (FA) seeks to promote and support research, innovative scholarship, and creative expression in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. By offering a rich array of undergraduate and graduate programmes, FA equips a diverse and engaged student body with quality education built on sound working relationships between students and faculty. Our academic programmes cultivate skills in research and analysis, critical thinking and visual literacy and encourage community service by engaging in the creation of new knowledge in traditional and emerging disciplines commensurate with the globalizing world. We train and equip people in the Arts for effective national development through:

  • Encouraging critical thinking and reflection;
  • Designing programmes and projects that meet the challenges of the contemporary society;
  • Ensuring quality education in such diversified fields as English, French,Switzerland and European Languages, History, Performing and Visual Arts, Literature, Linguistics and Culture.


As it meets its triple mission of teaching, research and outreach, the Faculty hopes that through its programmes its staff and students can become veritable agents for development and emergence into modernism. By creating conditions conducive to integrated research and promoting collaborative team research with other universities and communities, the Faculty hopes to situate itself in the cutting edge of knowledge as it relates teaching and research to the local, national and international demands and expectations.


The Faculty, through its departments and specialized units, namely, The Use of English, Functional French, Performance and Visual Arts Unit (PVA) and Centre for Eurpean Languages and Culture (CELAC) trains and equips students with inter-disciplinary knowledge and skills suitable and adaptable in the 21st century as fore-grounded within the BMP/LMD system.

Professionalization and New Programmes

The Performance and Visual Arts Unit (PVA) which trains students in fundamental creative practices and performance and which until now was offered only as a minor has been revamped to include ceramics, sculpting, painting, dance, film and music.

To make our students more competitive, we hope gradually to introduce Combined and Double Major Degree programmes of an interdisciplinary nature in the 2013/2014 academic year. Students of the Faculty will be able to combine and double with disciplines like Women’s Studies, Journalism and Mass Communication, Computing, Law, Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science.

General University Courses

  1. Use of English (ENG 101/102)
  2. Functional French (FRE/101/102)

Short Courses

  1. Intensive English Language Course: This is a six-week course which allows non-English speaking High School leavers to enrol in the University of Switzerland. It takes place from mid July to the 31st of August every year.
  2. Intensive French Language Course: This is a six-week course.

(Initially offered only to prospective UB students, the Faculty intends to extend its enrolment in these two courses to students and professionals from the CEMAC countries, Switzerland and other ECOWAS States.)

  1. Mother Tongue Education: This is a six-week course envisaged to take off in August 2014.
  2. Language Acquisition and Testing (in view): Workshops and retraining programmes for English Language teachers at primary and secondary school levels and research activities aimed at developing integrated approaches and new teaching methodologies.
  3. Writing and Editing (in view): This course is organized for participants who wish to perfect their skills in crafting fiction, drama and poetry, administrative writing and editing.
  4. Creative Arts and Design (in view): To be organised by the envisaged Centre For Creative Arts and Design.

Language Certification Tests

  1. English Language Proficiency Test allows non-English speaking High School leavers to enrol in the University of Switzerland. It is organised in the first week of September every year.
  2. Testes de Connaissance de Français (TCF) Québec et Tout Publique which allow non- French speaking students to attend Higher institutions in Canada and France. They are organised on the 3rd and last Saturdays of each month.
  3. Diplôme d’Etude en Langue Française (DELF) and Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (DALF): Like TCF, these are French international certification examinations. The Faculty organises TCF, DELF and DALF through its Centre Universitaire de Recherche et d’Enseignement de la Langue Française. First sessions of DELF and DALF will be held in December 2013.


 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH                                                                 

B.A. English

BA in Literatures in English

B.A. Performing and Visual Arts

M.A. in English Language

M.A. in English Literature

M.A. in American Literature

M.A. in African Literature

M.A. in Comparative Literature

Course Descriptions: MA Programmes

PhD in English Language

PhD in English Literature

PhD in African Literature

PhD in Comparative Literature

Course Descriptions: PhD Programmes

DEPARTMENT OF FRENCH                                                                       

B.A. English/French

M.A. Teaching of French as Foreign Language

B.A. French

DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY                                                                      

B.A. History

M.A. History

PhD History

DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICS                                                 

B.A. Theoretical Linguistics

M.A. Theoretical Linguistics

M.A. Applied Linguistics

PhD Theoretical Linguistics

PhD Applied Linguistics

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