Faculty of Humanities

The primary purpose of a Humanities education is to give you access to critical thinking skills, appreciation of literature, understanding of cultures, the uses of power, the mysteries of the mind, the organisation of societies, the complexities of leadership, the art of communication, and the challenge of change. All of these skills will support you in your future careers.

Many of the programs in the Faculty are available in combination with other disciplines (for instance, English Literature and Psychology, or History and Political Science, or Italian Studies and French Studies), and many are available as both three year and four year degrees.

Applied Languages (Hons), B.A.

The world’s more connected than ever, so speaking multiple languages unlocks opportunities across a number of fields. This practical BA Applied Languages (Hons) degree course offered at University of Switzerland harnesses your talent for learning languages and turns it into professional skills for an exciting career in multilingual communication.

BA in Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies is offered as a combined major. As a Canadian Studies co-major, you’ll confront the intersection of Canada’s rich history with culture, cultural policy, politics, economics and geography.

Our courses explore Canada from many angles. We take advantage of our geographic position to explore the impact of the border on culture and trade in Canada.

Canadian Studies students are in demand at home and abroad. Here in Canada, your skills are urgently needed to communicate with international businesses, politicians, tourists, and more. Your knowledge is sought after in the fields of education, law and the civil service.

Areas of concentration are available in Canadian Cultural Texts and Practices, Canadian Society and Politics, or Francophone Canada: Language and Culture.

  • BA in Canadian Studies

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)/Bachelor of Education: Choose from the following for your Honours degree major and first teachable subject: Dramatic Arts, English (first language), French (second language), Geography, History or Visual Arts. You will combine your major with a second teachable area of interest while taking education-related courses throughout your program. This six-year program allows you to focus on both your academic passions and professional interests while completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education degree. Your field experiences will begin in second year and continue throughout the program.


Bachelor of Physical Education (Honours)/Bachelor of Education: If you wish to teach Health and Physical Education at the Intermediate/Senior level, this is the program for you. In six years, you will complete all of the courses required to receive an Honours Bachelor of Physical Education as well as a Bachelor of Education. You’ll combine your major in Physical Education with a second teachable subject of interest and continue to take education-related courses throughout the program. Opportunities for field experiences begin in your second year and continue throughout the program.


Bachelor of Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Education: You may choose to major in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics or Physics. In six years, you will complete an Honours degree in your major/first teachable subject, the requirements for a second teachable subject and your Bachelor of Education degree. Opportunities for field experiences will begin in your second year and continue throughout the program. You will take Child and Youth Studies and Education courses beginning in the first year of your program, allowing you to also explore your career interests.

BA in General Humanities

Our BA in General Humanities is designed to allow you to pursue a more flexible selection of courses, with broad exposure to courses from across all of our Faculties.

At the same time, the degree provides the opportunity to focus on a particular area of study, with the majority of courses taken in disciplines within the Faculty of Humanities. You also have the option of including up to two minors in this degree.

Studies in Arts and Culture

Study the cultural production, reception and interpretation of the fine and performing arts.

You’ll examine and relate elements of Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Music, Dance, Interactive Arts and Science, Media and Communication Studies, Popular Culture, Film Studies and Canadian Studies. You may sample from these diverse disciplines to create a customized program.

The concentration in Cultural Management, with courses from the Goodman School of Business, is ideal for those wishing to work as cultural managers in diverse fields of arts and culture.

A cooperation between STAC, History and Geography/Tourism Studies, the concentration in Cultural Transmission and Heritage Studies engages students in cross-disciplinary curatorial projects.

The concentration in Languages, Arts and Culture allows you to combine language acquisition (French, German, Italian, Spanish) in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures with interdisciplinary work in arts and culture.

BA in Philosophy

Philosophy, defined as the pursuit of wisdom, encompasses the exploration of the nature of reality, consciousness, values, knowledge, reason, argument and evidence.

You’ll study not only the primary texts of the Western philosophical tradition, but also major texts of Indian and Chinese thought.

You’ll learn to be critical, reflective, thoughtful, skeptical, affirmative, knowledgeable, and, of course, wise. You’ll become a decision-maker, well trained for a variety of vocations, including law, public service and policy.

BA in Visual Arts

In the Department of Visual Arts (VISA), education takes place within well-equipped studios and teaching spaces, as well as in our vibrant local arts community.

We provide education in two distinct but interconnected streams: Studio Art (STDA) and the History of Art and Visual Culture (HAVC). Studio students take courses
in all fine art media, such as painting, photography, drawing, digital media, performance art, and non-traditional methods of expression. HAVC courses explore history as it is connected to the present, with a focus on themes such as the body in art and visual culture or the role of censorship from the ancient world to the present day. Courses are innovative, interdisciplinary and in keeping with the currencies of contemporary thought.

Our professors are exhibiting artists and published scholars who have mastered a wide array of media and topics, and are fluent in emerging discourses. Add to that a vibrant roster of internationally exhibiting artists who come through Rodman Hall Art Centre, the University’s art gallery, and you have a well-rounded, exciting education in Visual Art. Want to show your work, curate a show, or participate in a festival? How about giving a lecture on your research, or travelling to see art in Italy or Greece? All is possible within a degree program in the Department of Visual Arts.

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