Faculty of Social and Management Sciences

Mission Statement

The Faculty of Social and Management Sciences seeks to provide quality education and training in various domains of the Social and Management Sciences. It provides professional and professionalized training in order that the products of the faculty satisfy human resource needs (as dictated by the market forces in the public and private sectors) or can create jobs for themselves.

One of its principal objectives is to equip its students with realistic methodologies that emphasise analytical skills and problem solving efficiency, based on a sound grounding on some current theoretical framework(s) in various professional models. The overall objective is to foster the development of research by way of individual, departmental or inter-departmental research projects geared towards solutions of identified national problems, while maintaining interest and active participation in theoretical research.

General Presentation of the Faculty

The Faculty of Social and Management Sciences presently constituted, regroups disciplines that are traditionally bona fide in the social sciences and those that are not viable enough to stand on their own. Such is the case of Law that is destined to become an independent Faculty, and Journalism and Mass Communication that should develop into a school. The faculty has seven departments granting ten undergraduate degrees and some post-graduate degrees as follows:


Department of Economics and Management

B.Sc. in Economics

B.Sc. in Management

B.Sc. in Banking and Finance and in Accounting

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Masters in Accounting

Masters in Economics

Masters in Finance

Masters in Management.

Ph.D in Accounting, Economics,

Ph.D in Finance

Ph.D in Management

Department of Geography:

B.Sc. Geography

M.Sc in Geography

Ph.D in Geography

Department of Journalism and Mass Communications

B.Sc. Journalism and Mass Communication,

M.Sc Journalism

Ph.D in Mass Communications

Department of Law

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

Masters of Law (LL.M)

Ph.D of Law

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

B.Sc. in Political Science and Public Administration

M.Sc. in Political Science

M.Sc. in Public Administration

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

B.Sc in Sociology and Anthropology

M.Sc in Anthropology

M.Sc in Sociology

Department of Women and Gender Studies:

B.Sc (Double Major) Women Studies and a Second Major

M.Sc in Women and Gender Studies

Ph.D in Women and Development Studies.

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