Bachelor’s Programs

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study lasting three to seven years. The university of Switzerland offers the following bachelor’s programs:

BSc Biochemistry

BSc Biochemistry and Clinical Laboratory Technology (Double Major)

BSc Molecular Biology

BSc Botany

BSc Chemistry

BSc Chemistry and Clinical Laboratory Technology (Double Major)

BSc Environmental Science

BSc Geology

BSc Mathematics

BSc Microbiology

BSc Parasitology

BSc in Clinical Laboratory Technology

BSc Physics

BSc in Applied Physics

Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Sciences

BSc. Food Science and Nutrition

LLB Law (Accelerated)

LLB Civil and English Law

LLB Law Senior Status

LLB Law with Business

LLB Law with Criminal Justice

LLB Law with International Business

LLB Law with Government and Politics

Applied Languages (Hons), B.A.

BA in Canadian Studies

BA in General Humanities

Studies in Arts and Culture

BA in Philosophy

BA in Visual Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)/Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Physical Education (Honours)/Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Science (Honours)/Bachelor of Education

Ed Curriculum Studies and Teaching
Ed Nursery and Primary Education
Ed Curriculum Studies and Teaching

B.Ed Educational Psychology

B.Sc. in Economics

B.Sc. in Management

B.Sc. in Banking and Finance and in Accounting

B.Sc. Geography

B.Sc. Journalism and Mass Communication,

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

B.Sc. in Political Science and Public Administration

B.Sc in Sociology and Anthropology

B.Sc (Double Major) Women Studies and a Second Major


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